Caldera Law is a

forward-thinking, full-service boutique law firm based in Miami, Florida.

Our  team has worked at the highest levels of the legal profession including “Big Law,” in-house counsel, and government. We offer a breadth of experience and subject matter expertise, and our passion for our practice forms an important basis of our firm’s culture. Our attorneys root their approach in skill and common sense, not in ego, and many of our clients view us as partners, and often work with us as such.

We are communicative, technologically literate, and not simply anchored to our desks. We view alternative fee arrangements (that more closely align our interests with those of our clients) as important tools for building long term trust and synergy. We believe in relationship building, transparency, and collaboration. We are committed to nurturing client relationships built on foundations of mutual respect and open lines of communication.

Our practice areas include Corporate Law, Real Estate Law, Litigation, Intellectual Property, and Hospitality Law, across a broad spectrum of industries.

Meet Our Team